First woman ever to sing metal in Italy, she started her singing career in 1983 as she was only 16 years old in a Hard Rock band named Damnath and led by guitar player Attilio Scalabrini. The following year, the two started legendary Speed Metal band, better Known as Jester Beast. In 1985 Roberta left Jester Beast more and more fascinated by obscure sounds from north Europe and started a new band called Hurtful Witch.
Demo tape Spectra was a personal great success and in 1987 it led to the solo project called Morgana. Welcome in the Dark was the masterpiece that consecrated Roberta as an artist in a still sexist environment dominated by men.
In 1989 she recorded a four track EP called simply Morgana. This vinyl nowadays is considered a real cult vinyl, some sort of fetish collector quoted about 2000 € worth.
In the early 1990s, Roberta signed a deal with a german label and recorded a new album. Because of legal disputes, this record was printed many years later in 2005 and it’s called Two Faces. Not the favorite Robertas’ album ever, because too mainstream and far from her singers’ attitude.
Same year, Three Years of Madness was realised for the indie italian label Andromeda Relix , a full length Lp that collects old songs and two unreleased tracks.
Roberta retires from stages until 2011 when she signed a new deal with Nadir Music for a new album called Rose of Jericho. This Lp album got a great feedback but it has to be considered as the spiritual testament of the Turin based singer.
In 2012 Roberta self produced in limited edition only vinyls the demo Spectra from her band Hurtful Witch. A nostalgic operation to not forget the most creative and amazing moments the ‘80s were.
Same year, the singer joined a local punk hc legend musicians in a project called G-Zentrum and recorded a revised version of a Jester Beast song called Psychopathic in loving memory of the author, band mate and beloved friend Attilio Scalabrini.
Roberta ceased her career as a solo singer, but she’s still in business cooperating with several artist and band.
Music is a blaze that burns you inside and it’s almost impossible to give up.
These days she’s writing an autobiographical novel about her amazing days and experiences in the music business