THE DAM (stop to the bullying)

A piercing scream,the storm,the thud,the dust…

Ironwill’s eyes,marked of makeup,dripping wet,suddenly crossed Johnathan’s eyesfull of tears of fear.

They scanned each other for lasting moments.


Johnathan answered with astonished smile and frowned his smoothly forehead.

J.:yes,I know ya….Iwas still waiting for you…nice to meet you,I’m Johnathan.

I.: “I know who you are” answered Ironwill “I was looking for you…”

Their eyes were the same,were really identical…but they had to recognized each other.

J.: “How was the journey Ironwill?Iwas still following you inside the mirror,I really admired you…”

I.: “NoJohnathan,you know how the journey was; actually you drove the ship,you kept the soul commands from the mirror!”

J.:Yes…well,Iwas in there actually,but I was afraid…. I only advised you,you needed your own freedom,it was exclusively yours. But my fears have taken possession of you. I know.”

I.: “Don’t believe it Johnathan!You’ve used me to exorcize your fears and you created me like a warrior in a battle that I didn’t want to fight in.Wasn’t my fears: I’m strong enough; you needed to defend yourself.”

Johnathan’s face twisted into a grimace.

I.: “You fought the battle because you weren’t strong enough, I forced you … Unknowing I gave you the tools to make me what I wanted to be; my hopes and desireswere necessarily yours,my needs became your strength.You don’timagine how hard it was to remain imprisoned into the mirror and leaving you growing up alone….we should have grown together…”

I.: “Yeah, but when we were 12,you suddenly disappeared,without giving me any signs… Iwas really lost without you. Why did you leave?”

J.: “I was imprisoned into the mirror,those children chased me singing their fools songs. They hated me,they teased me,they hurt me saying dirty words;they stole my toys.Those little girls were overwhelming me;also her…and I really loved her,but she was joking me ….I looked in the mirror and I saw you ….then I was caught.Only you could have freed me. I only understood it now.Why didn’t you come?”

I.: “You showed me the way but you never showed me the way back. We have to die to free ourselves.The dam divided us;the river of real life remained harnessed behind it.”

J.: “The only way to break down the dam,was destroying our fears,chewing them with our meat,gnawing the bones of our soul to find the way,the real way,the illuminated one. I gave you the pain because you could fight it for me.”

I.: “But from my suffering you bled in the mirror. You agonized,captured,hurt….wouldn’t it be better to stay there,in peace and with no pain?”

J.: “The prison was the shelter;the mirror swallowed me and I didn’t want to be gobbled up by Evil. You missed me to became complete.”

Johnathan and Ironwill turned to the empty mirror,behind the rubble of the dam.The memories melted completely their souls,freeing them to the way of light. Their thoughts became clearer and their hands finally became One.

So there was no trace of Johnathan… and there was no trace of Ironwill….