IRONWILL is a Psychological Rock band formed in 2018 by Salvo “Ironwill” Dell’Arte.

The band is part of a large kaleidoscopic spectrum in which all artistic forms are involved: music, photography, video, comics, illustration works and art. The aim of IRONWILL is to bring together the best artists who know how to express with their sensitivity the importance of the topics dealt with in each project.

IRONWILL believes that rock music and other artistic works are the best way to communicate to people the light of souls which everyone needs in the path of his/her life. Art is part of life and is the best way to help give the real significance to the journey on this Earth.

IRONWILL proposes to talk about personal and psychological issues, giving several points of view for the depths of one’s soul trying to switch on the warm light inside the audience.

The first chapter was about bullying; in 2019 they recorded the concept album “The Jonathan’s Journey”.

The second chapter released in 2020/2021, called “Breakout”, is about the evolution of souls; 10 songs linked by the same point of view: a positive evolution.

In the meantime, IRONWILL experimented with a return to the blues with a number of singles in which the crossover between rock and blues allowed the literary themes to be explored musically. This fascinating exploration is called B2B Back to Blues.