Jonathan’s journey is a concept album, its themes explore the evolution of the spirit of a lost soul, whose dilemmas are caused by a past life of bullying and agony. The path taken by the protagonist, narrated into 10 songs, leads to his spiritual realisation and peace with his past demons.

The storyline is based on two different characters (Johnathan and Ironwill), who both represent the same person. In all of the 10 songs, their feelings as well as their paths interchange with each other. Johnathan is a 12 year old student, who is bullied by his peers for his physical appearance and obese condition. His pain leads the boy to lose his soul into a mirror, where he seeks the way to peace with his alter ego Ironwill, the representation of his redemption from marginalization and sufferance.

  1. The first song of the album is called “The Mirror”. Johnathan falls into the mirror while he’s trying to escape from his bullies, whose mocking songs are a constant pain for the protagonist.

the long house corridor

it’s only one -way

they are pushing you there

with theirs nursery rhymes

  • In the second song, “Demons on the floor”, the main character shoos his torment by losing his innocence.

the incomprehensible ego that leaves the mirror empty

looking for what  tempts  me

Where there was a space there’s now plenty

all alone reading the letters that Jonathan sent me

  1. In the third song, “The Infinity”, the storyline is projected into the near future. Johnathan’s life is studded by unfortunate love stories, which are usually born from a need to be loved and accepted.

When my soul becomes crazy of waiting

and the voice will be a refrain

built on your name

then, then help me

yes, yes help me to go

where your eyes have no power

  • The forth song, “Playing on and on”, introduces to the listener to the second main character: Ironwill. He’s the representation of pure willpower, his perseverance leads him to overcome all difficulties, resulting  to achieve his ultimate goals. The title, through symbolism, conveys Ironwill’s experience and path of life.

mistakes forcing you to kneel

but they forge you made of steel

Forked tongues of false friends

envy helps your evolution to end

  • 4.      Ironwill’s figure believes in love and Friendship, However the other people’s envy pointed towards him threatens his relations and distorts his feelings and emotions. This song, called “Bees and Flies”, is addressed to everyman whose willpower in  life, study,  knowledge and tenancy are the only instruments to achieve freedom. The song arrangement is a desired plagiarism and a strong reference to the famous song that lead Albano and Michael Jackson to the (in)famous lawsuit.

My strength( grow)? (grew) up from your envy

your soul isn’t worth a single penny

your malice made me better

I’m stronger now, more than ever

  • The awareness of the rules of life begins to become increasingly clear in Ironwill’s mind: the world is tuned to a void of negativity. All that remains is to strengthen his inner might. “I believe” is the song which embrace the poise and the belief that strength is the unique resource for evolution.

looking for the future it’s all you have asked

thanks to the pain and all the mistakes of the past

because of the hugs missed the kisses not given

I’ll spend my whole life livin’

  • Ironwill’s path leads him to Johnathan’s past room, where all sufferance, pain and agony show themselves as the boy’s tears. The song “Time” is the hymn to dedication and persistence; the song meaning is perfectly expressed by this extract form Kipling’s poem “IF”: “If you can fill the unforgiving minute, with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it”.

If you look through my window

where there’s rain on my pillow

sitting in the hours of gloom

watching Jonathan soul’s room

  • Ironwill’s turmoil of mistakes brings him to the gorge of hell; life seems obscure. However, while darkness surrenders him and everything seems to come to an end, Fate sends him an angel under mortal features to end his agony and bring him back to light. “Angel”

I met an Angel

cause my soul was in danger

feeling a whole range of my anger

she covered me with her wings

(my) life was under the darkness rings

  • From the unconditional darkness, Ironwill fights back and finally walks back on his righteous path, concluding his life evolution. This song symbolises the life’s turn. “Ironwill”

He did not remember how much he was traveling,

it was not important, mystery unravelling.

It could have been lightyears, maybe a few heartbeats,

even this was minor, for the new hits

  • Finally, Ironwill’s ripeness and awareness can rejoin with Johnathan’s innocence and goodness. The Journey approaches to an end, Johnathan can escape from the mirror’s conscious that he doesn’t need to hide his feelings and pain anymore. Ironwill and Johnathan at last can coexist into the same body, mind and soul. They are finally in peace with each other. 

The last song, “The Dam”, symbolises the reunion of the two broken pieces.

escape from reality

loosing innocence

pain after pain, mistake after mistake

the Mirror and the dam

the mirror and the dam